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The Transportation Management System (TMS) is a user-friendly SLA online portal that monitors, tracks and traces every same day courier shipment through an automatic logistics status retrieval system. Every shipment is monitoring through every step of the Next Flight Out (NFO) supply chain and workflow, from pickup request until delivery. Also available as a mobile app, customers use the TMS to place orders and trace the movements of the express shipment in real time. The portal even connects to the client ERP via EDI. The TMS includes an advanced reporting center with billing options, in any currency, per shipment cycle, weekly or monthly as well as profit analysis. Available as a mobile app in addition, text messages or emails are sent for constant updates, according to customer requirements.

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“Working with the TMS is really easy, and it connects directly to our ERP system. Transparent and easy to use. I get online updates and can check the status of every shipment, at any time.”


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