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Air Charter

Private Charters for Customized Time and Mission Critical Delivery Solutions

In cases where there is no other option, CNW can charter a plane, or boat for that matter, to get that mission critical shipment to where it needs to be in the shortest time possible, reliably. Private aircrafts are used to getting to places where no viable commercial aircrafts fly or provide solutions in states of emergency. CNW works with customers to understand their specific needs and will recommend this ultimate service, used only in very special cases and as a last resort, when no other acceptable time critical courier solutions are available.

“Our facility needed to build a back up plan in case of political unrest, a general strike or a natural disaster. We called our rush logistics partners, CNW, to build us a ‘In Case of Emergency’ plan, as we always need to ship our mission critical components, rain or shine. They investigated options and recommended we use a private jet to airlift our shipments. We know we can count on them, in an emergency, as we do every day.”


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