Our proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS) gives you peace of mind and makes tracking the progress of your expedited shipment simple. Quick and easy to use, you can submit and manage your orders and monitor your package in real time with global priority tracking.

Global Priority Tracking

With the CNW tracking and trace portal, you can log in and see precisely where your package is at every step of the route, and exactly when it will arrive.

Integrates with Your ERP

Our tracking portal easily integrates with your existing ERP, making the management of your expedited shipments as seamless as possible.

Device Agnostic

Our network courier tracking portal is available on every device – desktop, mobile or tablet – so you can track your package wherever you are.

How it Works

When you need to keep on top of that urgent shipment, the TMS is there to give you moment by moment status on your payload. Or you can chose to be notified at predetermined milestones.

Log on to your account and enter all the details for your expedited shipment

Initiate an order, monitor your job in real time as well as manage all the billing

Find precise route details and alerts as your shipment passes each milestone

Rave Reviews

"Transparent and easy to use."

"Working with the TMS is really simple, and it connects directly to our ERP system. Transparent and easy to use. I get online updates and can check the status of every shipment, at any time."

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