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CNW – Courier NetWork Opens New Office in Frankfurt, Germany

Joins Recent Office Openings in Shanghai, Singapore, San Francisco and Guadalajara


Jamaica, N.Y. – September 5, 2017. CNW – Courier NetWork, a company specializing in the delivery of customized, time critical shipments, announced the opening of a new office in Frankfurt, Germany. This office is the latest addition to the global expansion that the company has undertaken in the past two years. Recently, CNW has also established new offices in Shanghai, Singapore, San Francisco and Guadalajara to provide more efficient Next Flight Out (NFO) services to customers around the world. This is in addition to long-standing offices in New York, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, San Jose (CR), Beijing, Dalian, and Chengdu. CNW now has 12 offices worldwide.

Mr. Yasar Maras has been named Managing Director / General Manager Germany, CNW – Courier NetWork Germany GmbH. Mr. Maras has over 11 years of extensive experience in the time and mission critical courier industry. He has also managed priority-shipping services in the automotive industry, an important market for CNW.

“The new office, located at the Frankfurt Airport, is a busy hub for CNW,” said Elazar Grinstein, President of CNW. “As Yasar Maras has a deep understanding of priority courier operational challenges, he will be a great asset to our customers and the international CNW team.”


The CNW office in Frankfurt became operational as of August 1st, 2017.CNW- Courier Network Celebrates its 30th Anniversary of Collaboration

CNW Delivers Time and Mission Critical Next Flight Out (NFO) Courier Services for the Semiconductor Industry


May 18, 2017, CNW – Courier Network celebrated its 30th anniversary delivering time and mission critical courier services for TowerJazz. This major milestone marks the growth and expansion of the two companies. TowerJazz has come to count on the urgent supply chain courier services and support provided by CNW.

TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader, specializes in manufacturing analog integrated circuits for more than 300 customers worldwide in growing markets such as automotive, medical, industrial, consumer and aerospace and defense.

CNW – Courier Network specializes in delivering customized time and mission critical shipments. With CNW offices in strategic locations in the US, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, EMEA, and Israel, and an arsenal of loyal local logistics partners, CNW is able to provide the fastest and most reliable courier next flight out (NFO) services from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

CNW & TJ – 30 Years in the Making

CNW – Courier NetWork Receives TowerJazz’s 2015 “Best Logistics” Supplier of the Year Award

CNW recognized for continuously delivering expert service and customized solutions to meet TowerJazz’s critical shipment requirements


Jamaica, N.Y., December 1, 2015 – CNW – Courier NetWork, a company specializing in delivering customized time critical shipments, announced today it has been honored to receive the 2015 “Best Logistics” Supplier Award from TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader.

TowerJazz’s Supplier Awards recognize the contribution and commitment of its finest partners. The suppliers are evaluated on the criteria of value creation for TowerJazz. CNW emerged as the winner of “Best Logistics” Supplier for its excellent support and willingness to provide custom made services according to TowerJazz’s on-going needs while providing creative and flexible import and export delivery solutions.

“CNW is committed to meet customer demands for time and mission critical shipments and deliver on our promise,” said Elazar Grinstein, President of CNW. “To be recognized as the best logistics partner is a great honor; we really do strive to work closely with our customers to meet urgent shipment deadlines.”

“The strong cooperation and trust between CNW and TowerJazz has proven itself for years, and especially this year. With the intensive and growing requests of our customers and resulting fab needs, CNW succeeds in bringing the urgent shipments on time, all the time, all over the world,” said Erez Imberman, Vice President of Global Supply Chain, TowerJazz.

2015 CNW does it again. An international business person called CNW Israel at 08:44 needing an important document to reach him in Toronto. The package was escorted by hand to the already loaded Air Canada aircraft departing for Toronto at 11:45. Delivery of the package was recieved the same day.



2015 CNW sponsors the Golbal Automotive Logistics Conference in Detroit.



2014 CNW opens a new station in Chengdu, China and expands the Hong Kong office to strengthen operational support for Asian and International customers with urgent shipments in and out of the region.



2014 Helen Zhang is promoted to Manager, CNW China.



2014 CNW opens an office in Hong Kong to meet the growing semiconductor and automotive international customer base with operations in Asia.



2013 Director of Global Sales Joins CNW. Ron Glowinsky, heads up global sales after over 10 years at DHL.



2013 CNW sets record. Shipment picked at 08:00 in Dalian, China and is delivered on same day, before midnight to destination in Dublin, Ireland.



2012 CNW Names New CEO, Doni Schwabe, a veteran in express and courier logistics.



2012 CNW opens on site services in Malaysia. Rep located in Penang to support local hi-tech industries for CNW’s global accounts.



2011 CNW opens office serving Latin America. Office located in Costa Rica to support customers in Latin America.



2011 CNW launches Customer Web Portal, TMS allows customers full access to tracking information, ability to place orders online and run reports.



2011 CNW sets record. Shipment picked at 08:00 in Dalian, China and is delivered same day, before midnight, to destination in Phoenix, AZ.



2009 CNW opens office in China.


CNW is a sponsor of SEMICON Europa.

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