Our industry expertise gives you confidence that we can handle your expedited shipment with the logistics knowledge expected of an urgent courier. CNW makes expedited and emergency shipping easy, efficient and cost-effective, no matter the size or nature of your shipment.

High Tech

Having the right inventory at the right time is paramount to success in the technology industry. Sometimes, one missing article can mean holding up your entire operations. Our urgent couriers thoroughly understand the industry, and know how to move your package fast to get you up and running quickly.


Waiting for parts can halt manufacturing, leading to blown deadlines and hefty fines. CNW’s auto parts couriers work every day to make sure production never ceases, so you can keep your manufacturing, and your business, moving.

Aerospace (AOG)

In an aircraft on ground (AOG) situation, getting the plane back in the air is priority #1. Our AOG services can move crucial aircraft parts in lightning speed to significantly cut down the amount of time an aircraft is grounded.

Life Sciences

Shipping biological samples requires very specific considerations. CNW has extensive experience in cold chain and temperature-controlled expedited shipments. Our expert team can help you ship your samples and specimens safely while adhering to all state, federal and county-specific regulations.

Manufacturing (Machine Down)

In a manufacturing operation, every second counts. And when a critical part goes down, you need a replacement fast – and a partner that can pull it off. CNW’s urgent courier service keeps your lines up and running with creative and cost-effective solutions for emergency and expedited shipping.

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