Dodging a Bullet

Late on a Friday, a client needed expedited shipping services to Japan. We sprang into action, moving the shipment up by a few hours to avoid a delay with customs.


Beating the Clock

When a shipment of parts needed to go from the Czech Republic to Mexico quickly, a CNW courier arrived to find the parts mixed in with others. Our agility and tenacity allowed us to identify the part and get it to its destination on time, despite a tight timeframe.

High Tech

Working Through the Holiday

During the Chinese New Year, work slows down, but business doesn’t. When our client needed urgent courier service for high-value components throughout the holidays, we made it happen.

Manufacturing / Machine Down

Hungary » Canada » Mexico in 3 days

When a mission critical part needed to go from Budapest to Mexico City, with a stop at a Montreal plant for retooling, CNW was able to deliver in three days – when other international couriers quoted no less than five days. Read how our creative solutions saved our client a substantial penalty fee.


Fighting Fire with Speed

A grounded fire-fighting aircraft. A critical part half a world away. CNW made the connection.