Global Team

  • Elazar Grinstein President & Founder

    Elazar entered the rush logistics field when he started moving international newspapers back in 1986, and he established CNW. Since then the customer has always been his highest priority and because of his commitment, more and more customers have been coming to CNW. He has been overseeing the growth of the company for over 25 years, expanding across 5 continents.

    Delivering reliability and accountability is what the company is all about. To Elazar delivering superior service is as important as delivering the shipment. Making acquaintances along the way is just another benefit so if you come through New York, Elazar will be happy to invite you for a drink and show you the town.

  • Dan Granot Chairman of the Board

    Dan, a 30-year veteran in the international courier business, chairs the company’s board of directors and board meetings. Drawing upon his experience as founder of a courier company he built up into a major firm that was acquired by DHL and as a Siemens Israel COO and Project Director, Dan is involved in CNW’s strategic, financial and employee development and consults with management on a daily basis so that the company lives up to its commitment to customers, improves service quality and results. Dan has been serving as Chairman since early 2006. He is the father of four beautiful girls, loves skiing, cycling, running and golf – just about any outdoor activity.

  • Sagit Oren CFO

    Sagit joined CNW in September 2012 to manage company finances and customer accounting. Her background includes 10 years at DHL where she was in charge of budgeting and reporting. Today, Sagit sees over the financial aspects for all CNW offices accross four continents. Always with a smile, Sagit is happy to deal with any customer inquiries that call for additional clarity or transparency.

    Her quiet, polite, and pleasant demeanor are some of her great assets, not to mention her attention to detail and professionalism.

  • Ron Glowinsky Vice President, Global Sales

    Ron, who joined CNW in early 2013 after over a decade at DHL, sees himself as customer-centric. He is available day and night to listen and help customers realize that CNW is their most reliable special logistics partner. Ron believes in open communications and making it easy for them to approach CNW with urgent and emergency shipping challenges, no matter how complicated.

    And as a big basketball fan and food connoisseur, Ron welcomes the opportunity to enjoy a good meal after a great game.

  • Hagai Luft Vice President, Operations

    Hagai has been in the forwarding, freight, aviation, security and logistics field with over 15 years of international and American-based experience. He has a deep understanding of the workings of the airlines, customs brokers and shipping partners. His professional passion is tailoring complicated logistic solutions to customer’s unique needs, which he does with his entrepreneurial and creative spirit and extraordinary attention to detail.

    Hagai’s personal passion revolves around the world of spectator soccer and he loves to discuss the game with other fans.

  • Ilan Levene Vice President, Global Development

    Ilan is the guy to get things done. A recent customer satisfaction survey singled him out as one of the company’s best operators. Ilan knows logistics inside out and knows how to make the impossible, possible. He is a veteran at CNW who has been with the company for almost 15 years. Every mission critical shipment CNW handles has his knowledgeable, watchful-eye checking, working behind the scenes to avoid any possible delay before it could occur. Many customers will claim that Ilan, rumoured to never sleep, is ‘online, all the time’.

  • Simon Markowicz Vice President, IT & Compliance

    Simon joined CNW over 20 years ago with tons of experience in the courier business. At CNW he wears three hats, He is the Information Technology Officer, where he manages the implementation of technology to improve and integrate information accessibility for supply chain solutions. Simon is also the Export/Import Compliance Officer, responsible for managing the continued development and implementation of a USA and global trade compliance program. Additionally, Simon is the Security Officer, is the TSA point of contact, responsible for day-by-day security compliance, employee training and inspections.

    Simon loves to travel to exotic places like Antigua and Guatemala, the Galapagos islands, and Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland but just don’t ask him to pronounce that.

  • Frits Kool Vice President & General Manager, Asia Pacific

    Frits joined CNW in 2016 with over two decades of experience in the same day courier and international express logistic business. Originally from Amsterdam, he worked for KLM and Airborne Express along with other next flight out service suppliers. In 2007, Frits relocated to Singapore and continued providing same day express logistics services in the region.

    With a height of over 6’5” (198 cm), Frits gets a helicopter view over the countries that he responsible for in the Asia Pacific.

  • Stephen Petraglia Director, Airline Relations

    Stephen has been working for domestic and international courier and logistics companies for his entire career. At CNW for the last 6 years, he oversees the accounts of the largest customers and heads up airline and agent relations. Stephen is the one to makes sure that transfers take place as scheduled and that airline operators and agents pay special attention and care to every single shipment.

    Stephen is passionate about his work and his enthusiasm, whether supporting customers, logistic partners or airline operators.

  • Silvio Mantuano Director, Agent & TSA Relations

    Silvio is a veteran specialty courier logistic and supply chain professional. He joined CNW after two decades in the specialized courier business to head up managing agent and partner relations. He is tasked with developing new and reliable partners to meet the high CNW standard for speed, reliability and service and educate the existing partners to strive for excellence with every shipment.

Americas Team

  • Kevin Volpe Key Account Manager, Americas

    Kevin Volpe joined CNW in 2016 after several years in the logistics and freight forwarding industry. As a Key Account Manager in the USA, he serves as the lead liaison between CNW and its’ customers, with a focus on managing and exceeding customer expectations and developing long-lasting partnerships. Quick on his feet, Kevin embraces the urgency and criticality of customer shipments and understands our customer’s need for a logistics partner, like CNW, that they may rely on time and again.

    An avid sports fan and former athlete, Kevin has an in-depth knowledge of trends, highlights and scores in an ever-changing sporting world (much like the fast-paced, logistics industry) and is always ready for a round of golf!

  • Philippe Grinstein Director, Strategy & Business Development

    Since joining CNW, Philippe has worked on opening new vertical markets, such as in the automotive industry. In addition, he has been leading a number of disruptive projects, analyzing next-generation technologies for the emergency shipping business as CNW always wants to be at the cutting edge. He has an education in Business Administration from Emory University and has had a number of roles as an Analyst.

    Philippe stays in shape as he likes to work out on a regular basis. You are invited to join him at the boxing gym.

  • Ari Frankel Director, Special Projects

    Since the late ‘80s, Ari’s world revolved around managing timelines, deadlines and budgets in music supervision and sound design for award-winning performing-arts productions in New York. Ari joined CNW in 2017 to initiate and lead special projects that are designed to improve customer-facing interfaces and internal flows. Ari, the ‘disruptor’, looks beyond the day-to-day logistics operations, and takes on assignments to prepare CNW for the future in emergency supply chain services.

    Ari is based in Boston, married with two boys, and still enjoys making music, either on the piano or with electroacoustic computer programming.

  • Yossi Harbon Director of Operations, Americas

    In 2017, Yossi joined CNW with over 15 years of experience as a leader in cargo airline operations, logistics and security. He currently serves as the Director of Operations in the Americas and oversees all aspects of operations including training, procedures, implementation, and execution. Yossi's experience in the industry is extensive and his connections are deep, and he applies his expertise to make sure each and every shipment arrives at its destination faster than all other possible options.

    Yossi has a big passion for any kind of fishing, salt water, fresh water, deep sea, kayaking, ice fishing…. You name it and he’s in. You are welcome to join him and go fishing!

  • Stefano Petraglia Assistant to the President & Special Projects

    Stefano’s genuine love for people developed through a career in hospitality, managing one of New York's busiest and most reputable restaurants for over a decade. His focus on quality, attention to detail and personal connection with customers, served him well there as it does at CNW. Since 2016, Stefano manages office, quality control and compliance systems and takes on delicate special projects, making sure that internal as well as external customers are more than satisfied.

    With a reputation of being able to make clients and vendors happy, you are invited to CNW's New York office where Stefano promises you an authentic Italian meal that you won't soon forget.

  • Minerva Ruiz Operations Manager, Mexico

    Born in Guadalajara, Minerva joined CNW as a professional with more than 20 years experience in Foreign Trade and Logistics Operations where she also worked with Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers. She holds a degree in administration and international business. Minerva is proud to be part of the CNW team and it shows in how she runs the day-to-day operations in Mexico, communicating with local clients and customs and making sure that their deadlines and expectations are met. That is why customers love her.

    Minerva also uses her excellent communications skills when she travels, interacting with people from other cultures and environments. She enjoys sports and is a fan of Chivas, Guadalajara's soccer team. She adores family time with her husband and her two daughters.


  • Shay Shushan CEO, Israel

    Shai Shushan joined CNW in 2017. He is a great asset to the team, as he knows the industry well as a veteran in logistics and operations, with over 10 years at FedEx and additional experience in the field with other shipping and logistics companies. Shay strives to understand customers’ needs and find immediate and reliable logistic solution for them.

    As a competitive road cyclist, Shay knows what is hard work in order to achieve the best results.

  • Abel Platt General Manager, Germany

    Abel, a same-day courier veteran with over 13 years of experience joined the company to head up the CNW office in Germany. He knows the urgent logistics business ‘ins and outs’, from top to bottom, as there isn’t a department that he hasn’t worked in or a process he is not familiar with.

    Besides enjoying conversing with people, discussing philosophy and politics with friends, and enjoying good food and wine, he says that work is his favorite hobby. Abel's strength, solving emergency logistics issues, is 'in his blood’.

  • Amit Manes Quality & Assurance Manager

    Amit Manes joined CNW over 11 years ago as a student in Operations. Through the years she worked her way up through that department and then Customer Service. Her latest promotion has her heading Quality Control and Assurance. In this capacity she is responsible for quality, assurance, and compliance for the company. All along her career, Amit’s attention to detail has been one of her strong assets.

    As an athlete in her spare time, Amit trains children in Catchball and likes to run long distances. She goes the extra mile at CNW.

  • Tal Better Head of HR, Israel

    Tal has an extensive background in talent development and truly believes in fostering employee engagement in a competitive, rapid-paced business environment. She strives to build collaborative working relationships across the CNW organization, as she sees this as instrumental to attaining successful business results.

    Tal brings over 10 years of human resources management experience to CNW Courier Network and is committed to providing management with the tools and resources needed to engage employees.

  • Oleg Lvovich TLV Airport Gateway Manager

    Oleg has been at CNW for over 15 year and since 2007 is responsible for customs brokering and managing an airport gateway. He handles the compliance and customs issues and has led numerous projects to improve implementation, gateway performance and customs systems integration. He strives to bring continuous improvements to his operations so that customers will be given the most efficient and reliable courier service.

    As Oleg’s hobby and passion is computers and information systems, he also applies his skills to implement and improve processes of IT systems for the customer benefit.

    Oleg is always willing to learn how to streamline and enhance operations, so he is open to receiving feedback from customers and colleagues.

Asia Pacific Team

  • Wallace Cai General Manager, China

    Wallace joined CNW in 2016 with almost 10 years of experience in international logistics which he gained after completing a Master’s degree in International Transportation Management. He is very familiar with import and export channels and aspects of logistics in China. Wallace is a real ‘people person’ with very strong communication skills.

    Wallace has a passion for reading about Chinese culture and religion and David Baldacci novels. In his free time, he loves to travel with his family.