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Elazar Grinstein, Founder and President

Elazar entered the rush logistics field when he started moving international newspapers back in 1986, and he established CNW. Since then the customer has always been his highest priority and because of his commitment, more and more customers have been coming to CNW. He has been overseeing the growth of the company for over 25 years, expanding across 5 continents.

Delivering reliability and accountability is what the company is all about. To Elazar delivering superior service is as important as delivering the shipment. Making acquaintances along the way is just another benefit so if you come through New York, Elazar will be happy to invite you for a drink and show you the town.

Doni Schwabe, CEO

Doni is an operations, logistics and supply chain guru whose mantra is channeling companies to be customer centric. Since joining CNW in 2012, he has been introducing global strategies to develop markets, implementing cost savings and improving customer reporting. Prior to joining CNW, Doni was a CEO/Senior Executive for other shipping and logistics companies and VP of Customer Service and Operations at DHL for almost a decade.

With good communication and leadership skills and a kind manner, employees and customers alike work well with Doni. And if there is absolutely no other way to deliver a shipment, he’ll be happy to use his road bike, as cycling is his passion.

Dan Granot, Chairman of the Board

Dan, a 30-year veteran in the international courier business, chairs the company’s board of directors and board meetings. Drawing upon his experience as founder of a courier company he built up into a major firm that was acquired by DHL and as a Siemens Israel COO and Project Director, Dan is involved in CNW’s strategic, financial and employee development and consults with management on a daily basis so that the company lives up to its commitment to customers, improves service quality and results. Dan has been serving as Chairman since early 2006. He is the father of four beautiful girls, loves skiing, cycling, running and golf – just about any outdoor activity.

Sagit Oren, CFO

Sagit joined CNW in September 2012 to manage company finances and customer accounting. Her background includes 10 years at DHL where she was in charge of budgeting and reporting. Today, Sagit sees over the financial aspects for all CNW offices accross four continents. Always with a smile, Sagit is happy to deal with any customer inquiries that call for additional clarity or transparency.

Her quiet, polite, and pleasant demeanor are some of her great assets, not to mention her attention to detail and professionalism.

Ron Glowinsky, VP Global Sales

Ron, who joined CNW not long ago after over a decade at DHL, sees himself as customer-centric. He is available day and night to listen and help customers realize that CNW is their most reliable special logistics partner. Ron believes in open communications and making it easy for them to approach CNW with the next time and mission critical challenge, no matter how complicated.

And as a big basketball fan and food connoisseur, Ron welcomes the opportunity to enjoy a good meal after a great game.

Stephen Petraglia, Director, Airline Relations

Stephen has been working for domestic and international courier and logistics companies for his entire career. At CNW for the last 6 years, he oversees the accounts of the largest customers and heads up airline and agent relations. Stephen is the one to makes sure that transfers take place as scheduled and that airline operators and agents pay special attention and care to every single shipment.

Stephen is passionate about his work and his enthusiasm, whether supporting customers, logistic partners or airline operators.

Ilan Levene, VP Global Development

Ilan is the guy to get things done. A recent customer satisfaction survey singled him out as one of the company’s best operators. Ilan knows logistics inside out and knows how to make the impossible, possible. He is a veteran at CNW who has been with the company for almost 15 years. Every mission critical shipment CNW handles has his knowledgeable, watchful-eye checking, working behind the scenes to avoid any possible delay before it could occur. Many customers will claim that Ilan, rumoured to never sleep, is ‘online, all the time’.

Amit Manes, Quality Control and Assurance Manager

Amit Manes joined CNW over 11 years ago as a student in Operations. Through the years she worked her way up through that department and then Customer Service. Her latest promotion has her heading Quality Control and Assurance. In this capacity she is responsible for quality, assurance, and compliance for the company. All along her career, Amit’s attention to detail has been one of her strong assets.

As an athlete in her spare time, Amit trains children in Catchball and likes to run long distances. She goes the extra mile at CNW.


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