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Hagai Luft, VP Americas

Hagai has been in the forwarding, freight, aviation, security and logistics field with over 15 years of international and American-based experience. He has a deep understanding of the workings of the airlines, customs brokers and shipping partners. His professional passion is tailoring complicated logistic solutions to customer’s unique needs, which he does with his entrepreneurial and creative spirit and extraordinary attention to detail.

Hagai’s personal passion revolves around the world of spectator soccer and he loves to discuss the game with other fans.

Alexi Ally, Operations Manager, Americas

Mr. Ally joined CNW over 15 years ago, when he was still a student in college. He gained all his emergency logistics experience and extensive knowledge of importing and exporting time sensitive goods in and out of the US, on the job at the company.

Alexi takes great care to accommodate customers’ requirements while working with the ops team to solve priority shipment challenges. He is not afraid to get my hands dirty in order to get the job done.

He enjoys vacationing with his family, especially to the Caribbean.

Ramon Torres, General Manager, Mexico

Ramon has over 20 years experience in courier logistics, 16 years of which he worked at FedEx. Ramon knows the ins and outs of the same day courier business and heads up the CNW operations in Mexico. He prides himself for being very customer focused and believing that nothing is impossible.

If you are ever in Guadalajara, give Ramon a call; he will be happy to invite you for a shot of Tequila.


Shay Shushan, Director, Customer Service and Operations, EMEA 

Shai Shushan joined CNW in 2017. He is a great asset to the team, as he knows the industry well as a veteran in logistics and operations, with over 10 years at FedEx and additional experience in the field with other shipping and logistics companies. Shay strives to understand customers’ needs and find immediate and reliable logistic solution for them.

As a competitive road cyclist, Shay knows what is hard work in order to achieve the best results.

Oleg Lvovich, Airport Gateway Manager, Customs Broker, EMEA

Oleg has been at CNW for over 15 year and since 2007 is responsible for customs brokering and managing an airport gateway. He handles the compliance and customs issues and has led numerous projects to improve implementation, gateway performance and customs systems integration. He strives to bring continuous improvements to his operations so that customers will be given the most efficient and reliable courier service.

As Oleg’s hobby and passion is computers and information systems, he also applies his skills to implement and improve processes of IT systems for the customer benefit. 

Oleg is always willing to learn how to streamline and enhance operations, so he is open to receiving feedback from customers and colleagues. 

Naama Megidon, Human Resources Manager, EMEA

Naama loves working with people and helping them develop their potential and professionalism. She has been applying her experience in organizational and human resource development at CNW since 2011. With the proper training and a nurturing atmosphere, she is committed to help employees attain excellence in their tasks and reach their highest goals.

Naama is passionate about fostering a professional working environment that is also an attractive and great place to work as CNW is every employee’s home away from home.


Frits Kool, VP Asia Pacific

Frits joined CNW in 2016 with over two decades of experience in the same day courier and international express logistic business. Originally from Amsterdam, he worked for KLM and Airborne Express along with other next flight out service suppliers. In 2007, Frits relocated to Singapore and continued providing same day express logistics services in the region.

With a height of over 6’5” (198 cm), Frits gets a helicopter view over the countries that he responsible for, namely Singapore and Malaysia.

Jason Weatherhead, Operations Manager, Hong Kong

Jason settled in Hong Kong over 20 years ago where he built his career in customer care, sales, marketing and business development roles. His strength lies in developing strong professional relationships with key customers and team members to ensure each rush shipment is delivered as per client needs. He joined CNW to open a new office in the Hong Kong hub, oversee the expansion in the SE Asia region and provide support for the China office.

Jason speaks Cantonese fairly well but he can’t lose the British accent.

Wallace Cai, (Cai Hua) General Manager, China

Wallace joined CNW in 2016 with almost 10 years of experience in international logistics which he gained after completing a Master’s degree in International Transportation Management. He is very familiar with import and export channels and aspects of logistics in China. Wallace is a real ‘people person’ with very strong communication skills.

Wallace has a passion for reading about Chinese culture and religion and David Baldacci novels. In his free time, he loves to travel with his family.


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