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Super Mission Critical Solutions for Irreplaceable Goods

This unique service that CNW offers is the most comprehensive mission critical courier service available in the market. When supply chain requirements are so critical, CNW is your partner to take your shipment, step by step to its final destination with the highest level of reliability to guarantee safe delivery.

Every stage of the NFO+ service has a human interface to physically handle and forward the shipment onto the next leg of the journey until it reaches the final destination. According to customer needs, photographic documentation or a state of the art GPS chip can be supplied for analysis of package handling and care for every movement. Arrangements to clear customs after hours and provide every possible logistics service are part of this premium service.

“Thanks for prying today's cargo out of the Canadian Mounties Q-area. Thanks for keeping everybody up to date, tough job. You guys rock. So when you guys see a big ass Dodge Ram with a Cummins Diesel engine rolling through Brooklyn with 200 gallons of moonshine in the back, know that Jasper couldn't have done it without Nick and the team at CNW.”

Shipment from Malaysia to Montreal, Canada – during the "eid al fitr" holidays.


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