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Temperature Control

Unique Packaging and Logging for Cold Chain Solutions

CNW offers special cold chain solutions for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life science needs. Even high tech and semiconductor shipments use the temperature control service to avoid freezing or high temperatures. CNW offers a unique packaging solution for time critical shipments that require a strict temperature to be maintained throughout the journey, anywhere from -70° to room temperature, controlled at all times with an electronic temperature logger.

“We recently discovered CNW’s new temperature controlled packaging and were impressed with its simplicity and effectiveness. The thing that impressed me most of all was the speed and time with which they reacted to our request and were able to supply the special packaging without the need for ice, dry ice or gel packs. They kept me informed with correct temperature monitoring and logging and progress of the shipment without being prompted or chased. Excellent service! We are now exploring the VA-Q-tainer service to Basil from Toronto – looks promising!”


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