CNW – Courier NetWork Opens New Global Headquarters in Manhattan

CNW – Courier NetWork is celebrating the opening of its new global headquarters in Manhattan, NY. “After many years of operations in our location next to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), we are happy to move back to the neighborhood where our business journey began more than 30 years ago, West Chelsea.” Said Simon Markowicz, V.P. of IT and Compliance.

This extraordinary step reaffirms the company’s longstanding commitment to innovation. In the past two years, CNW has opened 6 new locations that include Tokyo, Frankfurt and Los Angeles, to join a worldwide network of 18 offices (and counting!).

The motivating factors behind the CNWs move include:


At CNW, we are building a culture which harbors creativity and innovation. The new space intentionally fosters a collaborative and transparent environment which in turn will help our customers and employees thrive. It features a renovated open workspace with plenty of natural light and aircraft décor artwork designed and curated by artist Lili Almog.


New York is currently the hotbed and most vibrant tech and innovation hub in the world!  Top tech companies, including Google and Twitter have chosen West Chelsea as their home for its massive talent pool and rich diversity. The location boasts a young exciting vibe and is sure to inspire our already highly skilled workforce and attract world-class talent with the local technology influence.

CNW is looking to bring this atmosphere to the expedited shipping industry.

The new space is also conveniently located and puts the company within walking distance of the trendiest restaurants, coffee shops, museums, and is accessible to all major train lines.


The company’s culture has shifted from a traditional airport-based freight business to that of a global forward-thinking identity with a range of solutions. CNW is truly a worldwide trendsetter utilizing almost any airport across the world. Our asset-light model allows us to watch every freight movement from “the clouds”.

“In 2018, CNW’s global headcount grew by 35%. The new location in New York will support our mission for harnessing technology and will attract top talent to the company” said Philippe Grinstein, Director of Strategy and Business Development.

Given that CNW is also a relationship-based company and regularly hosts meetings in New York, the new location is both appealing and convenient to our clients and partners moreover offers the true global office experience.

CNW would like to thank our clients, employees, and partners for their continued support as we embark on this exciting move. The company looks at this new location and the dynamic environment as the start of another chapter in its already impressive history as an international jet setter. The CNW team remains committed to serving our existing customer base and looks forward to expanding our influence in the Big Apple.

The new address is 524 W 19th Street, New York, NY 10011.

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