Evaluating Expedited Shipping Services

Evaluating Expedited Shipping Services

In the event of an emergency, you may not have much time to complete thorough due diligence on expedited shipment service providers. Some are available 24/7/365, Some are too expensive, some are cheap but have poor service. Courier Network is available at 24/7/365 and can tailor cost-effective and/or time-effective solutions for cargo loads of all sizes destined for any corner of the world. We have accrued over 30 years of experience and can offer the best guidance in choosing a service.

Choosing A Provider

Before the need for expedited shipping arises, it is important to complete some research regarding an urgent logistics provider. A basic search involves checking the types of services offered, rates for the particular types of service, geographic coverage, and reliability record.

Experience: An expedited shipping company that has been in business for a significant period of time is often indicative of good service and valuable experience to maneuver unique incidents or crises.

Industry Expertise: A provider that specializes in expedited shipping for a variety of industries such as automotive, technology, and life sciences typically demonstrates a deep understanding of supply chain management.

The Right Delivery Method: To tailor shipments to customer-sensitive needs, a responsive and experienced provider checks all available options to determine if there are more cost-effective, reliable, and expeditious methods. A courier service that truly partners with you will not upsell or guide you to services that are not needed.

Comprehensive Shipping Plan: While tailoring your shipments, A good shipping courier promptly takes into account special circumstances such as weather, airport strikes, customs restrictions, and the capacity of any particular airline.

24/7/365 Availability: Logistics experts will be available 24/7/365, to assist with after-hours or weekend shipments, tracking, and deliveries.

Domestic & International Shipper: It is important to have a provider that can handle domestic and international shipments, depending on your business needs.

Creative Problem Solvers: Look for a provider who is a proven problem solver and has the ability to attend to details such as packing and crating, as needed.

Special Handling & Care: Will your provider get their hands dirty or use white gloves?

Your One-Stop Shop for Expedited Shipping

Courier NetWork’s team of experts is standing by to consult with you whenever the need for emergency courier services arises. One call does it all. Just let us know what your cargo and timeline needs are, and we will find the best available option for you. We are the right partner for you, your one-stop shop for expedited shipping.

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