Our Next Flight Out service is what we're known for. CNW's longstanding relationships with airlines, paired with our unwavering determination and creative mindset, allow us to get your package to its destination on the fastest route possible – at a substantial cost savings.


As part of our Next Flight Out service, we pull every string and turn every stone to find the fastest route for your package – and it isn't always the most obvious one. We apply our creative thinking to build the best journey with your deliverables, deadline and destination in mind.


Our 30+ years experience, our dedicated team and our 24/7/365 service give you the confidence you need for all your expedited shipments. Our customers keep coming back because they know we deliver on time – time and again – no matter what, when or where.

Cost Effective

Our Next Flight Out courier service is not only fast and reliable, it is also highly cost effective. While we evaluate and determine solutions for each case individually, Next Flight Out often offers the same timeframe as our hand carry service at a fraction of the cost.

How It Works

We analyze every variable – such as connecting flight schedules, last minute delays, traffic, office operating hours and weather – before determining the fastest route to get your package to its destination. In fact, CNW's dedicated team monitors each package as it passes through 16 unique milestones to ensure the trip goes smoothly. But you don't have to worry about the process. We make it simple for you to move your expedited shipments – leave the logistics to us.

We find the fastest route for your mission critical shipment

Your package goes on the next flight out, with tracking

We notify you when your package arrives - safely and on time


Dodging a Bullet

Late on a Friday, a client needed expedited shipping services to Japan. We sprang into action, moving the shipment up by a few hours to avoid a delay with customs.

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