5 Tips to Save Money on Emergency Shipments

When you’re faced with an urgent need or emergency shipment, it can be easy to jump to the worst case (and most costly) scenario. But even for the most critical shipments, you have more options than you think. At CNW – Courier NetWork, we help our clients every day find the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective emergency shipping solutions.

Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you’re in ASAP mode:

1. Don’t panic

When you need to get critical materials halfway around the world overnight, you might assume that chartering a private flight or flying a personal courier is the best or only option. But often, there are many ways to get your shipment to its destination on time. Most airlines offer express shipping services with reliable tracking and security (known as Next Flight Out, or NFO), which is just as fast and a fraction of the cost.

2. Evaluate multiple options

You rarely need to just accept the first quote or shipping solution offered. Work with CNW to look at multiple routes and options, from NFO to air charters to hand-carry. Consider weather delays, customs inspections, traffic, and other potential obstacles to get a clear picture.

3. Clearly define your emergency

If you tell your carrier that your shipment needs to get to its destination “ASAP,” that might mean it arrives at your facility at 2 a.m…and no one will be there to receive it for five or six hours. Even if you’re running a 24-hour operation, it’s important to identify exactly how quickly you need that shipment delivered. If it can wait six hours, or if it’s Saturday night and “ASAP” actually means Monday morning, you can avoid paying an unnecessary premium.

4. Plan deliberately

CNW will plan your shipment’s entire route and look at all factors that could cause delays, from unpredictable weather to worker strikes at a certain airport. This will give you the assurance that your shipment is on the best possible route, and allow you to make contingency plans in advance in the unlikely event that something goes wrong en-route.

5. Choose reliability

This isn’t the time to use an unproven service—potential delays can end up costing even more. We only work with reliable airlines that offer express shipping services, with extensive tracking abilities and high success rates. You’ll be able to see when your shipment arrives at the airport, when it gets on and off the plane, and when it arrives at your facility. If we notice a potential delay, we can proactively take action to re-route your shipment as needed.

Taking the time to evaluate your options and shipping route can lead to reduced costs and more reliable service. Clients are often surprised to learn that they don’t need to jump to the most extreme option for their emergency shipments. In fact, if you’re most concerned about security and tracking your shipment every step of the way, NFO service might be the better option than having an On-Board Courier hand carry the shipment because it offers superior tracking services—and NFO can offer up to 80% savings in total cost of the emergency shipment.

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