CNW Courier NetWork Opens New Office in Taiwan

CNW Courier NetWork Opens New Office in Taiwan

Since 1986, Courier NetWork (CNW) has worked to provide our customers with the most reliable and trustworthy premium freight services across the world. Over the last three decades, our global footprint has continued to expand to meet the demands of our customers and match the growth of the industries we serve. With the goal of improving our offerings, speed and overall operations, we are pleased to announce that as of September 1, 2020, CNW has opened a new office in Taiwan.

With seven free trade zones, Taiwan has become known as a global supply chain base and an integral location for the world’s leading manufacturers of semiconductors, electronics, automotive, high-tech, machinery, and more. Already an important station for our customers, our move to Taiwan will help solidify CNW’s position as a leader in expedited shipping for the semiconductor and automotive industries. In addition, as a major international transit station, Taiwan will serve as a gateway to the world to improve transit times not only within Asia-Pacific but to Europe and the Americas as well.

Totaling 20 offices across the globe, CNW’s Taiwan location will strengthen our network in Asia-Pacific and enable us to meet the growing needs of our customers worldwide.

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