CNW — Courier NetWork Opens New Office in Tokyo, Japan

New York, N.Y. — November 15, 2018. CNW — Courier NetWork is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Tokyo, Japan. This will be the company’s 13th office, joining a worldwide network that includes locations in New York, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong and building upon CNW’s plans for expansion. In the past two years, CNW Courier NetWork has added offices in Frankfurt, Guadalajara, Singapore, and San Francisco.

Since 1986 in the expedited shipping industry, CNW stands out because they go beyond the typical expectations of “customer service.” Part of their core mission and values is to build stronger operations wherever their customers need.

“We are thrilled about enhancing the company capacity to provide a superior level of service to our loyal and rapidly growing new customers,” said Ron Glowinsky, Vice President of Global Sales.

CNW specializes in the delivery of customized, time-critical shipments for clients in automotive, high-tech, and other industries. The company is best known for its Next Flight Out (NFO)On Board Courier (OBC), and charter services. Thanks to longstanding relationships with airlines and a culture of creative problem-solving, they offer fast, reliable deliveries at a fraction of the cost of the traditional expedited shipments.

With a presence in the world’s largest economies already established, the Tokyo office is aimed at strengthening their value by improving their expedited service offerings and providing better rates to their clients. CNW Courier NetWork is excited to be even more accessible to their existing customer base and to serve their fast-growing industries.


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