Inside Our Choice to Undergo IATF Training for Automotive Customers

Inside Our Choice to Undergo IATF Training for Automotive Customers

What has CNW gained from IATF training?

This training covers all bases in the automotive industry, but it has a keen emphasis on risk management and risk analysis. It was originally established by members of the International Automotive Task Force, including Ford Motor Company, BMW Group, and Chrysler Group, who decided on a highly customer-focused standard and created this certification and training. It relies on the knowledge that the automotive industry is a high-risk and high-cost business. It can take many years to establish a good reputation but may take only 1 year to completely lose it.

Keeping this in mind, we aim to support our customers in reducing risks to business and reputation. Being IATF trained keeps us up to date in the field and therefore much more able to help with highly automotive-specific shipping issues.

During training, our on-demand team covers topics ranging from anticipating customer-specific requirements and risk analysis to testing contingency plans and appropriately training new employees. We explore and revisit performance evaluations and management reviews with the automotive field in mind.

In the end, IATF training means our on-call team is highly qualified and uniquely prepared to work with automotive suppliers and businesses to fix time-sensitive issues and proactively address potential concerns.

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