How an Experienced Auto Parts Courier Helps Solve Production Stoppages

How an Experienced Auto Parts Courier Helps Solve Production Stoppages

Some plants in the US and Mexico are slowly reopening after a nine-week shutdown amid the coronavirus outbreak, and the logistics providers are essential for recovery.

If you’ve been importing and exporting products around the globe, you likely already know how important it is to work with a trusted international courier.

More than ever, you need to work with a trusted expedited courier with experience working with the automotive industry. Just any express shipment won’t do. Here’s what an experienced auto parts courier can offer:

Personalized Service

Because you cannot control everything related to your supply chain and operations, you will need expedited shipments multiple times throughout the year. Even if you’re working with the same supplier or OEM each time, you may not be guaranteed the same level of service if you’re working with a different account manager for every shipment. You want the seamless experience of working with the same dedicated person every time.

Ideally, you’d want an expedited courier with in-depth knowledge and familiarity with your industry. For example, at CNW, we receive IATF training to understand our clients’ specific needs and the standards and requirements that they must meet.

Timely Communication

Every second count, so you want an experienced auto parts courier that can propose solutions quickly. You should be able to review several options and determine which one best meets your needs. Once you decide—whether it’s NFO, Hotshot, or even a private charter—you should expect ongoing updates while the shipment is en route.

Additionally, you want to partner with someone who can mold the communication in a variety of ways. CNW’s account managers get in touch with their clients via email, phone, text, and even apps like WhatsApp 24 hours a day, every day, because we understand how critical it is that you can reach out and talk to a real person anytime. A true emergency service provider should be able to meet your communication needs and preferences.

A True Partner

Because you’re making critical decisions that have significant cost implications, your emergency courier service provider should see itself as a partner, not just a vendor. They need to have your best interests in mind, which comes in part from that in-depth knowledge and experience with the automotive industry.

Creative Options and a Premium Network

At CNW, we often have to find ways to transfer emergency shipments to and from too remote origins and destinations. We are used to looking at multiple transportation options, from plane to train to ferry to a truck, to get your shipment where it needs to go as fast as possible. And because we have such extensive experience doing this, we also know how to anticipate issues and make contingency plans. We’ve even developed unique shipping methods to help further expedite your shipments.

Your auto parts courier should also be able to access a network of trusted service providers with premium offerings. You, and your shipment, should get the “first-class” option throughout the courier process.

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