What Makes a Great Air Charter Partner?

When your valuable cargo has a long way to go and must get there fast, you want an air charter company that can provide you with creative solutions fast. You need a competent expert in the field – and in the air – as your partner. How do you find the right partner?

When selecting an air charter company to handle your premium cargo, there are several key characteristics that you look for. These include communication, transparency, creativity, understanding, and reliability.


The very nature of air freight charter means speed is a key requirement, and that includes speed in communications. Typically, our team acknowledges an initial request in a few minutes or less and has a solution ready in five. Manufacturing lines must stay running, and there are times when situations require that product or parts arrive at a destination immediately to keep those lines moving. Most logistics managers understand that chartering a plane to ship cargo is expensive – and they rightly want all available options and status updates conveyed to them at a moment’s notice. We can mold our communication to your requirements, whether that be e-mails, phone calls, or even text messages. At CNW, we are committed to making sure you have all information instantly.


A relationship with transparency builds trust. Trust is built when your service provider keeps you in the loop, gives you information about all available options, and provides cost-benefit analysis with accurate and real-time data. The ability to act on good information is what makes a transaction successful. Sometimes, this can mean explaining why an air charter might not be the route to go, as there may be a cheaper alternative, such as a Next Flight Out. Our team responds quickly and openly shares expertise and options. We even offer a “Track Your Shipment” feature on our website, so customers have 24/7 access to real-time updates on the progress of their cargo.


When the stakes are high and time is short, creativity is the essence of success. To handle the many types of cargo being transported and the many reasons that expedited shipping is necessary, air freight charter services must be flexible, inventive, and dependable. Sometimes that means a plane flies with one box. Sometimes cargo is too big for commercial flights, is going to a small airport destination or needs to be split into smaller pallets to fit on a smaller plane to meet a deadline; these are all examples of when air charter is necessary. We do Next Flight Out (NFO) whenever possible and are continually finding creative ways to save money and ship cargo as fast as possible.


Our team understands urgency. When you have cargo that suddenly needs to be moved quickly, we work hard to find the best solution for that urgent shipment. We know how to get your shipment there fast, right down to scheduling, providing packing instructions, and notifying you with the exact plane that will be carrying it. Understanding is a two-way street in a good, working relationship. You are the expert in your business, and you know when a product urgently needs to get moved. We are the proven experts in knowing how to move your product long distances in a hurry.


Reliability builds relationships and yields results. We completed over 70,000 expedited shipments in the last year. From those, we have published a number of emergency shipment case studies that speak to the experience, creativity, and resourcefulness behind our reliability. The indispensable part in getting your cargo to where it needs to be by a certain deadline is dependent on the carrier. We have developed working relationships with many different carriers. Each carrier is chosen with our experience and expertise, thoroughly vetted, and tested in the field. Reliability is the number one requirement for our carriers, and that comes with achieving the same superior results again and again.

Courier NetWork will partner with your business, at a moment’s notice. Whether it is getting cargo from Mexico to the U.S. or vice-versa, domestic transports, or transatlantic/transpacific charters, we provide quick solutions, strategic expertise, personalized care, and reliable results. For international shipments, we even handle customs. We provide on-board couriers to personally accompany shipments when required.

Our goal is for our customers to have peace of mind knowing that their shipments will get there on time, each and every time. We go to any airport, any time, with pure speed. The skies have no limits, and neither do our services.


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