Working at CNW: A Look at Our Company Culture

We can honestly say that no two days at CNW are ever the same. When you’re in charge of emergency shipments for clients all over the world, you never know what your day will look like when you walk into the office—and we love that.

The number one thing at CNW is that our customers come first. They’re depending on us to get a shipment from their supplier in China to their plant in Mexico on time and our goal is to exceed their expectations, every time.

Collaboration and Cooperation

Our “failure is not an option” philosophy drives a very collaborative, open environment. If you need to escalate something or have an idea or suggestion for how we can improve, there’s no “chain of command” to follow—anyone can approach our president or leadership team with questions and ideas. You can also count on working with a strong team that focuses on finding solutions for our clients.

Communication and Connection

We have a worldwide network including 14 offices (and counting!). We keep in touch through our control tower emails and group WhatsApp texts,  and of course, when you’re in New York and coordinating a shipment from Tokyo to Frankfurt, you’ll be in direct contact with people at both of those offices. Our president also makes a point to travel to every office throughout the year, so all our employees get some direct face-time.

Our emphasis on communication also extends to our clients. When a critical shipment is en route, we’re in near constant contact to provide updates and reassurance, which is essential to alleviate customer’s stress and to build trust and establish strong, long-term relationships.

Diversity and Cultural Exchange

In our headquarters in New York, you could walk down the hall and hear conversations in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese, or Japanese. Between our team, shipping partners, and our international clients, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with people from all cultures.

“This job has an exciting environment and a very fast pace with a great sense of morale in the office, which begins from top management and trickles down to the whole company. Every day there is a new challenge to conquer and something new to learn as the industry is always evolving. Working with people all over the world is something I truly enjoy! Over the past two years, I’ve seen so much growth here that I’m sure the future is extremely bright in CNW.”

—Nick Schook, Business Development Manager

Recognizing Excellence and Hard Work

We look for people who are driven to grow and excel. Working here is dynamic and exciting, but not for someone who wants to just clock in, sit at their desk, and clock out each day. Those who are go-getters who take initiative will fit in just fine—and we make sure their hard work is recognized and rewarded. There’s a clear path of growth and you’ll have regular performance reviews to ensure you’re on track.


For many employees, the best part of working at CNW is that there isn’t a set blueprint to what we do. For any given shipment, there may be a dozen different ways to get it from point A to point B, and our job to find and analyze them all to deliver the best emergency shipment solution to the client. What seems like a straightforward request could turn into solving a puzzle with varied parts.

“I’ve been working for CNW for 4 years and it has been a life-changing experience. Aside from successful career growth, I have grown tremendously as a person. The in-office and overseas management team are heavily involved and always teaching, guiding and interacting with the staff on a daily basis. Also, we are often exposed to different formalities and cultural customs of cities across the globe. I have learned to work vigorously under pressure and mastered the art of multi-tasking with time constraints. When you think about the things we accomplish from our seats—it’s amazing. I am proud to be here. There is no greater place to work in the world.”

—Jessica Alameda, Import, export, and operations supervisor

Continued Growth

We’ve been growing and expanding at a rapid rate—opening new offices to serve more clients in different parts of the world. We’re looking for more teammates who are passionate about customer service, driven to excel, and creative problem-solvers who thrive in fast-paced environments. Search our career openings here.


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