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AOG (Aircraft on Ground) and Aerospace

Keeping aircraft flying is critical to keeping airlines profitable. CNW services the airlines with time and mission critical spare parts to anywhere in the world. From moving a simple bolt, to huge engines or even full wings, CNW has the expertise to find the most reliable and fastest route, and is able to accommodate and deliver the shipment, as promised. With 24/7 pick up and delivery, hand carry or NFO service, and all customs and paperwork handled around the clock, spare parts are moved from a warehouse anywhere in the world to the maintenance engineer’s hands, where the aircraft is grounded.

As rush-forwarding logistics is CNW’s expertise, count on CNW to gets aircraft airborne, where they should be.

A Fire Fighter B747 aircraft was stranded on the tarmac in Tel Aviv airport due to a burn out in a circuit breaker on one of the auxiliary fire extinguisher pumps. The needed part was located in Seattle, but the dealer wasn’t sure the part was the correct fit. Another part was located in Singapore and a courier was rushed, at 0600 am Singapore time, to collect the item. The part was hand carried to TLV and delivered the same day by 23:15 to the technician.


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