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The demanding manufacturing process of the automotive industry has made time critical express logistics part of the supply chain. Suppliers can be fined huge penalties if parts are not delivered on time. CNW provides premium and emergency logistics knowhow to vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers worldwide, with efficient and effective NFO services to get critical parts to their destination within hours, not days. CNW knows the ins and outs of the complete premium freight food chain to get every mission critical logistics challenge resolved, on time.

70 kg of car head rest retractors, originating in Jicin, Czech Republic were ready to be shipped, at 1400 hours, to Mexico. The CNW logistics partner’s driver arrived on site and needed to break down three pallets and decide which were the parts that needed to be shipped urgently from the shipper’s warehouse. The correct parts were identified by 1500 hours and the driver rushed through heavy traffic to meet the on board courier waiting at Prague Airport. The correct mission critical shipment landed in Guadalajara and was delivered to the assembly plant at Tlaquepaque, Jalisco by 2000 hours the day after it left the warehouse in Europe.


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