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CNW knows how to service the high tech industry with personalized solutions and advice. When express logistics are necessary to move spare parts, beta products or prototypes, CNW knows how to prepare the documentation with the correct import licenses and addresses, clear customers even during off hours and streamline manufacturing cycles with just in time (JIT) deliveries. Delivery duty paid (DDP) can also be arranged.

CNW welcomes the opportunity to think with their customers about how to solve every super rush logistical challenge, even if it means collecting an item from a facility, moving it to a factory for assembly elsewhere and then shipping the finished goods to an end customer, the final destination.

During the Chinese New Year holidays, 7 urgent shipments consisting of high value components for communication systems had to be sent day after day, from Shanghai. Each day, CNW collected the shipment at the free trade zone (FTZ) manufacturing site and exported it the same night to Frankfurt, Germany where it was delivered several hours after landing at Frankfurt to the client in Dusseldorf, each day, weekends and holidays included.


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