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Life Sciences

Special time sensitive handling is necessary to comply with the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences and medical device industries. This includes the packaging needs to protect the efficacy of materials that are shock sensitive and require constant temperature control. CNW knows how to handle the rush logistics for life science’s critical and sensitive materials. With a unique and special packaging solution, CNW supplies express shipping anywhere with temperature control from  -70° to room temperature, maintained at all times via an electronic temperature logger.

CNW has the expertise to prepare regulatory and import and export licensing approvals and pass through customs around the world, without delay to provide reliable, on time delivery, every time, and in perfect condition.

Life saving bone marrow and a blood sample originating in Haifa, Israel had to reach Ontario, CA urgently. The specially packaged temperature-controlled shipment was delivered to the airline to be flown from Tel Aviv to New York and then on to Los Angeles. The plane landed in New York in a heavy snowstorm but all flights taking off were cancelled. CNW removed the in-transit package from the airline; hand carried it by train south to the first airport serving LAX that was operating. The shipment left Baltimore, MD for Los Angeles, CA and arrived safely to its final destination within the acceptable 24-hour window.


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