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Manufacturing/Machine Down

Manufacturing industries, especially those that operate 24/7, are subject to work stoppages when machine parts are not available. As huge losses could occur, getting spare parts on site as soon as possible is critical. CNW specializes in time and mission critical logistics services to get the required part to where it has to be reliably. No matter where the manufacturing facility is, CNW will ‘go through hoops’ working day and night to expedite the shipment so that the delivery will be made with the fastest connections possible. CNW strives to understand the customer’s constraints and provide a reliable solution that will solve machine down bottlenecks.

A mission critical part originating in Melaka, Malaysia needed to be picked up by truck and shipped that night via Amsterdam to Montreal, Canada. The package cleared Canadian customs that night even though the Customs office was closed and in the morning the part was recieved at the Montreal plant for urgent retooling. As soon as the work was completed, the piece was flown to Mexico City and trucked to its final destination two hours out of Monterrey. Other courier services quoted the job could be done in no less than 5 days. CNW was able to deliver the retooled piece to its final destination in 3 days, saving the manufacturer a very substantial penalty fee.


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