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Reliable, Customized Logistic Solutions

CNW – Courier NetWork builds the best supply chain and customized logistics path according to the customers specific needs, so that every shipment arrives on time, every time. For CNW there is no shipping challenge that is too difficult to handle and no shipment requirement that is too complicated to execute. If CNW can’t do it, it can’t be done.

CNW specializes in understanding the customer requirements and delivering fast, reliable, customized, time and mission critical shipments. Each priority package is assigned a unique route to guarantee delivery that is counted by hours, not days. CNW has developed an open channel with airlines, customs officials and logistics partners to guarantee that highest priority shipments are handled as such at each station along the journey.

Every urgent shipment is picked up 24/7 and logged and expedited at every possible point along the route. To prevent risks, shipments are routinely rerouted to avoid foul weather, compensate for local holidays, work slowdowns or last minute airline cancelations. CNW is tracking the plan and progress of every critical shipment, at every stage along the route, and is always on the lookout to deal with any last minute change or requests.

CNW will spare no expense or effort to help customers achieve their time and mission critical logistic goals.

A customer called CNW at 14:00 on a Friday with a shipment of a mask that was in Dresden, Germany and requested that the package be picked up in 5 hours. The mask needed to be delivered urgently to Japan. CNW calculated the estimated departure and arrival time, the availability of customs and the operating hours of the receiving department at the Japanese fab. By CNW calculations, the package would encounter unacceptable delays if it was not picked up 2 hours earlier, to avoid shipment delivery on the weekend, when the fab receiving department was closed. By advising the customer to ship a few hours sooner, CNW was able to avoid a 48 hour delivery delay.


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