CNW: Behind the Scenes of 36 Years of Service

CNW: Behind the Scenes of 36 Years of Service

CNW is celebrating 36 years in business and the recent launch of its 36th global office. This monumental time calls for a look back at where it all began and the accomplishments achieved thus far.

Though the company has grown throughout the years, its steadfast commitment to its customers has been unwavering. From the first office to the 36th and beyond, it’s the tireless dedication that has gotten CNW to where it is today.

Building a Culture Where Customers Come First

Throughout the years, CNW has consistently been able to provide the support, convenience, and efficiency required to meet tight deadlines and special project needs, allowing customers to ship with confidence. This foundation of excellence was built by the leadership of Elazar  Grinstein himself. Since the beginning, he has been fully hands-on and invested in the quality of services provided through top-tier customer satisfaction and always delivering on what was promised.

When Elazar Grinstein opened the first CNW offices in 1986, launching in Tel-Aviv and New York, he already had years of military and publishing experience behind him. However, his first entry into the logistics and shipping industry stemmed from transporting books before eventually turning his attention to semiconductors. This transition quickly evolved, as one of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world became CNW’s first customer.

The CNW Difference

The heart of the business is built on Grinstein’s people-first mentality which reverberates throughout the rest of the team. He’s established a culture of reliability and accountability to ensure customer satisfaction remains the top priority. Each customer receives the dedication and personal interaction necessary to keep their businesses moving.

Powered by widespread industry experience, the CNW team invests in making the impossible possible when it comes to delivering for their customers and tailoring solutions to meet their unique needs. An ethos of the company is: no mistakes, no delays, no excuses. Everyone maintains ownership of ensuring customers’ needs are met around the clock, wherever they are in the world. The driving spirit Grinstein exemplifies is what propels the company and makes every employee understand and respect that failure is not an option.

Another essential contributing factor to the CNW experience is what VP of Global Sales, Ron Glowinsky says is, “Communication, communication, communication. 90% of failures are due to a lack of communication. It relates to anything in life, personal or professional. Just open your mouth ask and talk. Communication always leads to you finding a solution.”

Decades of Achievement

CNW continues to meet its customers’ rising demand by simultaneously expanding its global presence. With 36 years of service and counting, CNW has reached many milestones and has achieved several accomplishments including being awarded the 2020 Intel Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Program Award in the Supplier Achievement Award (SAA) category. This award was presented for CNW’s extraordinary response during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it’s not the accolades and attention that drive the CNW team. They are made up of creative thinkers with a passion for customer service and a commitment to delivering a superior experience. They understand mistakes, however minor, can be significantly damaging to their customers. For every hour a shipment is delayed, it can cost a company thousands of dollars. That reality isn’t taken lightly. CNW knows their customers expect they get it right every time, so they do.

As for the future, the goal is to continue building customer relationships and implementing comprehensive, fully customized solutions based on each of their specific project needs. A collective passion, knowledge, experience, and devotion combined with the use of the latest technology and tools allows CNW to provide the level of support necessary to find the best, fastest route to exceed client expectations.

Even after 36 years, in some ways, it feels like things are just getting started. It’s exciting to think about what the next 36 will bring. Looking for an urgent logistics partner that you can rely on? We can help. Contact us today.


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