CNW Courier NetWork’s Philippines Office Offers a Gateway to International Shipping

CNW Courier NetWork’s Philippines Office Offers a Gateway to International Shipping

CNW Courier NetWork has been building a strong reputation in reliability and dedication to  international courier services and logistics since its inception in 1986. Over the last few years, the company has expanded exponentially, working to cover more locations and bases in a rapidly developing and connected world. As customers expect faster shipping with fewer delays, international couriers need to step up in order to stand out.

With customers around the world, CNW’s offices in key locations across Asia, the most rapidly-growing region for business and exports, are proving to add some of the greatest benefits for serving customers and managing logistics globally.

Our locations across the Asian-Pacific region, including offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, are all connected in their efforts to provide premiere international courier services. CNW recently added an office in Manila, Philippines, another key location in APAC.

According to Frits Kool, VP APAC at CNW, “Philippines is ideal for its central location. It is within four hours flying time from any major Asian hub and acts as a crossroads for eastern and western business.

The Philippines office also gives great access to the prominent business sectors in the country, including the automotive, semiconductor, and electronics industries. The Philippines semiconductors and electronics industry specializes in manufacturing assembly, testing, packaging, and distribution.

“Establishing our own base in the Philippines, amidst the powerhouses of industry, shows a major move in our global expansion efforts. It also further enhances our ability to provide first-class international shipping services,” says Kool.

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