2019 Wrap-up and 2020 Outlook: Planning for Your Expedited Shipping Needs

2019 Wrap-up and 2020 Outlook: Planning for Your Expedited Shipping Needs

As we prepare for the approaching holidays and the start of the new year, we want to thank all the people who have worked with us in 2019. We hope the holidays bring nothing but quality time with family and friends and great memories. We also wish you and your business growth and success in the new year.

Looking back at our own milestones in 2019, we’re thrilled with the strides Courier NetWork has taken this year. Earlier this year we relocated to our new global headquarters conveniently located right in Manhattan. This move was made partially in response to huge company growth in 2018, and it has been a contributing factor in our ability to continue that steady growth throughout 2019.

And in more global news, CNW opened 6 new locations worldwide in the last two years, including Tokyo, Frankfurt, Los Angeles and the Southeast Asian Market allowing us to better serve our clients and build additional familiarity with expedited shipping resources in each region.

Looking Ahead

We know the holidays can bring stress and plenty of extra commitments. However, as you plan for Christmas, Hanukkah and beyond, don’t forget to keep your 2020 business planning in mind. Starting the new year (and new decade!) with strong operations and the right business partners in place can put you on track for exponential growth in 2020. If you need a reliable international same day courier to scale up your business, we are the network for you. At Courier NetWork (CNW), responsiveness, speed, punctuality, and creative solutions are guarantees we make to every client.

Moreover, if you’re worried about your shipping needs not being met over the holidays, rest assured that CNW will be open and working for you 24/7/365. CNW is informed on all airport, customs, agent and factory holiday shutdowns and has put plans in place to ensure that your needs are met and your shipments reach their destinations on time.

Our Global Operations Team Is Here for You

Email us at info@cnwglobal.com or call us at +1.800.852.2282 or one of our international numbers.(https://cnwglobal.com/contact-us/ )

Happy holidays and we look forward to working with you in the new year.


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