Traffic jams and flight delays can turn what was supposed to be a short ground trip into a long one. For critical situations when more conventional options won't suffice, CNW's helicopter charter services can have your package delivered in a matter of minutes.

Avoid Traffic

Bypass traffic jams, road closures or construction. With helicopter charter, your package avoids any of obstacles that may have been in the way.

Delivery in Minutes

Your shipment will arrive in minutes instead of hours. Helicopter charter takes your package in a straight line from point A to point B.

Ship to Remote Areas

From offshore oil rigs to rural locations, helicopter charter services get your package to out-of-the-way locations quickly.

Rave Reviews

"They are really ‘out of the box’ thinkers… and doers."

"The CNW team came to our premises for a visit. We discussed some of our challenges and immediately CNW was able to provide action items to remedy some of the major bottlenecks. They are really 'out of the box' thinkers... and doers."

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